Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Pic's Of Halloween hope you enjoy them.

WOW!,  I can't believe I took so many pics hahahaha Anyway here are some pics of Our Halloween set up. We call it the Ghoul Mine. Picture this...It's dark and the interior of the mind shaft is smokey and lit by black lights and a strobe and the graveyard outside has low lying fog and you can here the water dripping in the mine shaft then you hear a blood curdling scream of a miner falling down the mine shaft and all other kinds of eerie sounds and music play on in the background.   So many little details and a ton of fun to put up and of course Halloween night was a riot! We had over 400 hundred kids and adults traverse the gauntlet to get to the candy. I Don't know if you can see the stand in front of the fence by the grave yard? that where I stand dressed up like a Scare Crow and I scare the kiddies and adults from there as well hahaha. Next year we are doing something really special we are Building a Dragon and we will keep him in our garage and you will have to walk by him ( hope he dosn't see you hahahahah)  to leave after you have gotten your candy.....Muahahahahahahaha hehe It will be fantastic Fun!!!! hope to see you there. I also hope to put up pics of the dragon as I go along. maybe even a dry run of him on youtube and omg I know I'll get some vid's of him in action next Halloween night....

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wow a great contest over at Animation Forum

Default Lip Sync Challenge thread

September Challenge: LIP SYNC
Challenge Length: September 4, 2010 - November 4, 2010 (*2 Months)


Challenge Description: The theme of this challenge is LIP SYNC, your task should you choose You can take any angle you want. The animation can be funny, sad, informative or even extreme.


1. To enter you must acquire a sound bite of your choosing. The sound bite can not be vulgar or offensive to anyone. Due to the fact we have young people and Women that are members of this site.
2. The animation clip should not exceed 11 seconds but if need to be because of sequence this will not disqualify you.
3. Pencil test will be accepted. (note; try to clean up your work when ever possible)
4. the winners will allow their piece to be shown on other sights as well as the AF forum. Also the winners will submit to a interview that may appear on some internet magazines.
5. The time limit you have is two months.We understand that school and the end of summer is upon us all. So we wanted to give everyone an equal opportunity to be a part.

More rules to come as I can put them together. Please be patient with me this is the first time I've ever run one of these. I will edit these the rest of the week.

For information on the ArtRage 3 software go here -


- Go in the Challenge Entry forum,
- Create a new thread, with your name, and challenge name :
example : jakiloblanco - GLOBAL WARMING
- Use your thread to keep us updated on your animations
- When you finish your entry,edit the first post in your thread,with a link to your work.If you are using Flash or YouTube you have the option of embedding your animations directly into the post, using the specific tags.

*subject to change

Monday, August 2, 2010

"Once", a Knight .... A Fun new Idea I'm developing

    Please allow me to introduce to you "Once' " , Once is a knight from the Famed fairy Tale....Humpty Dumpty....Ever since That most dreadful day that he could not put Humpty back together.  Mother Goose was made a laughing stock and the world of Fairy tales has all but disappeared from the annals of child hood. He was made an outcast and has been on an epic quest, in search of his dignity and the right sequence of events that will restore the Fairy Tale kingdom, along with his Honor and his rightful place among the Heroes of History. (and just maybe Mamby Pamby will quit making fun of him.............) Hang on for the ride of your life as Once, a king among all, proves that once a King always a king but "Once" a Knight is Enough!

Oh and if you are wondering how or why a loving Mother or Father would ever name their kid  "Once"? Well,...would you have named him "Twice"?

stay tuned for updates

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some of my Painting skills "Adventure City Birthday Party house"

Here is a Giraffe I painted for the party house. This was fun because I could do 3D type painting in some areas of the room.  The party house was supposed to be a setting of inner city...A park,  a zoo,  a city street, a train station,  a pet shoppe,  a cake shoppe,  a pizza joint,   and a theater. This took me 3 months to paint. There are little carts as well that I painted up to look like Taxi's and there are 4 other service carts that look like a garbage truck which was used to buss the tables and a pizza truck that delivers the Pizzas and drinks to the kids tables.  A Fire Truck that delivers the Birthday cakes.  Also a  party truck that delivers the presents to the tables. There are like 10 taxis that would wheel the kids to their party table. There is an actual train on tracks that travels through and and can drop kids off and pick them up at the train station and take them to the actual amusement park outside. I believe the place is still open in southern  California  its called Adventure City. You can even find them on the net at:  I think? Anyway thought I'd share some of my large painting ability. So here are a few more pics to check out. Oh and this was all painted with latex house paint. I used a semi gloss white tint base and tinted the paint for all my colors. The floor was painted on concrete with a epoxy base paint for high traffic areas. All in all this was a very fun project to do.

I also got to design the characters for the park they are City Kitty and Hobby Doggy if I can find some pics of them I'll post them as well. hope you enjoy these?!

Kingsley's I found these old pics and thought I'd share

These three pics are some of the sets I designed and built for a Video series called "Kingsly's Meadow" If I can find more of the pictures I will post them. I thought they would be cool for some of you to see. I designed all the puppets for this show and did the first activity books that accompanied the release of the first video.  I actually even got to be one of the puppeteers for one of the main characters that has gone on to be one of the stars of the show he is a chipmunk his name is Munk. Thought I'd just share some more of my past.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Up late doodling

Just had some time on my hands this evening and figured I'd try to get the ole creative juices going. I have a book to start illustrating soon so I gotta limber up.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Son Brennan

This is our Son "Brennan's" Senior Picture hahahaha looks like some sort of rock star huh? and all the girls think he's a doll and chase him hahaha  Ahhh to be that young again  Love ya Son!!!

Hahaha My Brothers and sisters God love them all.....I'm the one with the fishing pole

Wow I found this on my sisters facebook account. I had forgotten about this pic for so long .......I think I was 6 or 7 in this pic. Taken in 1963 I believe?  Man I'm getting old hehe This was taken by our Father. He fancy'd himself a pretty good photographer at the time...Wish I knew what happened to the rest of those old pics. The funny thing is I actually dressed like that all the time......I think I saw Huck fin at the drive in once and became a fan hahahahahaha.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Winners ARE!!!!!

Julian won First place in the 7 to 10 year old Category for the most Bright and colorful rendition of a Christmas tree I've ever seen! Congratulations JULIAN You will be notified asap of your winning.

 Congratulations to Allie Mae you have won 2nd place in the 7 to 10 year old division we loved your warm rendition of Rudolf.

Congratulations to Sarah  You've won 3rd place in the 7 to 10 year old category!!!!! what a wonderful pic of Santa!

More to come in just a bit!!! stay tuned

Monday, January 4, 2010

Tune in Wednesday 01-06-2010

I will be making the announcments of the final winners of "The Great Christmas coloring page contest"   Man it was hard to make the decissions. All the kids that entered needed praise for their fine work!

Available in Small Print and Poster sizes

If you are interested in any of these paintings (or any other particular piece of my art)please contact me for further information. My e-mail address is

The Serpent King

The Serpent King

Comfy Magic

Comfy Magic

a man named Leonardo

a man named Leonardo

Moon Mist

Moon Mist
A painting for my Father also available in print poster or 8.5x 11

yellow house

yellow house

A stroll to the Bistro

A stroll to the Bistro

Vinice Water Way

Vinice Water Way

In the Shallows

In the Shallows

Low Tide

Low Tide