Friday, January 16, 2009

Illu Friday "PALE"

I know I look a little washed out and Pasty and maybe even a bit insipid or even a tad light. But Pale......? Hummmmm? well maybe...hahahaha I know this is a wee bit gross (HeHe) but hey a guy needs to get some color in his cheeks after a long cold winter

Don't laugh to hard I've lost twenty pounds since this picture! and have a great Tan!


coffeecat said...

way cool big brother,I like it.

adrienne trafford said...

haha! this is great - you have quite the farmer's tan...

Eric Barclay said...

This really cracked me up-- he looks soooo much like one of my relatives (sippy hat and all)... and I can't say who for fear of bodily harm. Thanks for the laugh-- great illustration!

indigene said...

Lol! This is great! I love all the details...and it's just plain funny!

cathyjune said...

I think you took pale to the limit...very funny! Love all the details.

Beenznrice Illustration and Graphic Design said...

omg this made me laugh. nice details with the ingrown hairs and the farmers tan!!!

Tomás Serrano said...

Very very funny and so real...

Christy said...

Very very funny! Great minds right? Wonderful illustration! :)

nellita said...

hehe!! excellent!!

Kat Hannah said...

Great take on the this week's theme - you have a way of bringing images to life.

froggie said...

............the tanned forarms gave me um, pause. WOW!!!! great piece, john! and thanks so much for the visit! :))

Zórdís said...

What a hunk ... humorous and well done!

Chris Kennett said...

Love that T-Shirt sun tan. Nice work!

Kate said...

Downright nasty and oh-so-true! LOL I love it!

Asja said...

hehe, i like the rubber ducky detail!
very funny!

Roberta said...

Wowzer...What a piece of eye candy!!!
Great illo!

FrankenBarry said...

Ha, Ha, too funny! If only I could find one of those hats, then I'd never have to leave my studio... well, almost never. Great work!

Super Jepp said...

This is great, kinda reminds me of my dad... funny is money.


Cathy said...

Hahahahaha! Love it! And you are in reality one hell of a handsome fella!

Dot said...

hilarious! love it.

2danimator said...

great work. i like this one.

theartofpuro said...

Great illo,so funny
Love the concept and the colours

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