Friday, April 10, 2009

"Fame is Fleeting..........." A funny lil Joke I wrote, Enjoy

(Click on pic to enlarge)

The Cave Artist!

Once upon a time ....say about 1100 BC, There was a tribe of great Hunters and Gatherers. They prided themselves on having the latest in Technology such as stone hued spears, wooden clubs and a cave Artist!
A Cave Artist?! Yes, a Cave Artist for this cave artist was no ordinary cave artist.....he was the tribes fore seer. He would paint on the cave walls the animals that the great hunters would go out and hunt that day for sustenance. He was hailed as the giver of life to his people.
Only knowing of his art and nothing beyond the cave. The cave artist Feeling so proud of his found fame thought he would bestow a great piece of art upon his people. So, he painted a great saber tooth tiger on the wall and with a smile, fell asleep that morning exhausted from his work, ................................................................ The surviving hunters returned that evening and clubbed the cave artist to death!

Damn Critics'


ValGalArt said...

hilarious and wonderful! love your slideshow too :)

Jack Foster said...

Hey John! How's it going dude?
hahaha....I love the surprise ending! Great work. love that cave artist! fleeting is right!

Duncan said...

Very funny, great character too. Just had a look at your entry for instinct - that's hilarious.

Raluca C said...

absolutelly wonderful!!!And fun!!!
love it!!!!!!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

;-) Good one. I liked your slideshow too! Thanks for commenting on my own IF piece!

joseph's art and stuff said...

funny and great illustration, great slide show!

Ria said...

It's so though out there, I suppose. Definitely fleeting moment for him.:) Good job!

nidhi said...

nice work! :) i like how he seems to be too small for his garb.

ArtSnark said...

Too funny! Fun piece & great story

Tomás Serrano said...

Great, John.

Sandra said...

Love this! I also love your slide show. Great work!

Curious Art said...

Kill the messenger, right? Well at least he left something for posterity. Great take!

Karen said...

What a great story! Very inventive interpretation of "fleeting". Glad to have you as a fan of my blog. After seeing your idea, I'm also a fan of yours. :)

Yulia Makarova said...

great concept - cheerful caveman with short life span creating timeless piece

marco's blog said...

ha! great story and great drawing. i love the fred flinstone shirt

Loni Edwards said...

That was great! Thank you for the laugh today, I needed that :)

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